SBSNeighborSearchParticleSystem Class Reference

This class is the base class of neighbor search algorithms that can be applied to particle systems.


virtual ~SBSNeighborSearchParticleSystem ()

Neighbor lists

virtual void initializeNeighborLists ()
virtual void updateNeighborLists ()
SBIndexer< SBStructuralParticle * > const * getNeighborIndexer (unsigned int i)

Neighbor search

virtual void getNeighbors (SBIndexer< SBStructuralParticle *> &neighborIndexer, const SBPosition3 &position, const SBQuantity::length &radius) const
 Appends to neighborIndexer all structural particles that are at a distance smaller than or equal to radius from the specified position.
virtual void getNeighbors (SBIndexer< SBStructuralParticle *> &neighborIndexer, const SBIAPosition3 &box) const
 Appends to neighborIndexer all structural particles inside the box.

Event handling

void onDynamicalEvent (SBDynamicalEvent *dynamicalEvent)


virtual void print (unsigned int offset=0) const


SBPointer< SBParticleSystem > * particleSystem
 The particle system the neighbor search algorithm is attached to.

Neighbor lists attributes

SBBuffer< SBIndexer< SBStructuralParticle * > * > * neighborIndexerBuffer
 The buffer containing the neighbor lists associated to each particle.

Additional Inherited Members

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 SBCReferenceTarget ()
virtual ~SBCReferenceTarget ()
unsigned int getMemoryFootprint () const
void printReferencesToOwners () const