A camera in SAMSON provides a 3D view of visualizable objects in SAMSON's document view, and can be easily controled to point to a specific location, zoom in or out, translate, rotate, etc.

You can check the Moving around section to see how to operate with a camera.

To access the camera functionality (add new cameras, switch the camera view, zoom in/out) go to the Visualization menu.

The camera menu
A camera is a part of a SAMSON Document, and each Document has at least one camera. A camera is saved/loaded with a Document in/from SAMSON file formats (.sam, .samx). You can have several cameras in one Document. It might be useful if you want to switch fast between different view (e.g., different close-up views and a full view).

Several cameras

A newly added camera will have a default starting position. You can easily switch between them by choosing a desired one in the document view and choosing "Set as active camera" in the context menu. Only one camera can be active at a time. You can create a new camera by pressing the "Add new camera" icon in the Visualization menu or using the Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut on Windows and Linux or Cmd⌘ + Shift + C on Mac.

Context menu for a camera

Through this menu you can also activate the camera inertia which will allow for a movement with inertia of the camera and orthographic projection which is useful e.g. for viewing crystals.

The camera properties can be viewed and modified through the inspector window:

Inspector view of a camera