A new major release of SAMSON, the integrated platform for molecular modeling


We are excited to share a new major release of SAMSON, the integrated platform for molecular modeling. Here is a quick overview of the main novelties.

A streamlined user interface

We have completely redesigned SAMSON’s interface to make it easier to learn and use. Toolbars are gone, menu widgets are in:

Easily find what you need

The Search box on the top right of the menu bar lets you quickly find commands, editors and apps:

Furthermore, menus, command groups and commands are highlighted in order to help you find your way in SAMSON’s interface. For example, here’s what highlighted when you search “move”:

In this case, “Point selection” is highlighted as well because this editor lets you move selected atoms.

Favorite commands, editors and apps

You can now mark a command, an editor or an app as favorite right from the search results:

You can also mark commands as favorites from the menu:

Favorites appear in the Home menu:

Similarly, favorite editors appear in the Edit menu and favorite apps appear in the App menu.

Organize your workspace

You can now dock apps, editor options and property windows to organize your workspace:

Organize your data

Layers are gone. Folders are in. You now have complete control on the structure of your documents, potentially with multilevel hierarchies to help you organize models, simulators, paths, conformations, etc.

Of course, you can still load documents from earlier versions of SAMSON. Layers are automatically converted into folders.

You can now easily reorganize the document structure by dragging and dropping nodes in the document view, to move…

copy (press the Ctrl / Command key)…

and extract:

All the necessary hierarchy is generated.

Conformations, paths and structural models

You can now easily convert a series of conformations to a path:

and generate conformations from a path:

You can also produce structural models from both conformations and paths.

And more

This new release contains numerous improvements in performance, rendering and stability. For example, we now use SAMSON’s memory management mechanisms throughout SAMSON’s core in order to improve stability and help developers of SAMSON Elements perform advanced data graph management. To find out more about the new features, get SAMSON here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please use the SAMSON forum.


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