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Many objects in SAMSON, in particular objects declared in SAMSON Extensions and SAMSON Extensions themselves, are identified through a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). For example, the SB_REGISTER_TYPE macro used to register a class with SAMSON uses a UUID as parameter.

A UUID is composed of 36 characters: 32 hexadecimal digits and 4 hyphens. For example, D5A1BA95-9CD4-3424-9713-06B979F5C0D9 is a valid UUID. In SAMSON, the class SBUUID is used to manage UUIDs.

The SAMSON Extension generator generates UUIDs for the classes it creates. When more UUIDs are necessary (for example when adding a new class to a SAMSON Extension and exposing it to SAMSON, developers may use the UUID Generator SAMSON Extension.

The UUID generator SAMSON Element