This changelog contains only changes in SAMSON SDK that concern developers.

Changelog for v.0.12.0

This release includes various new features across the SDK and fixes of known and reported issues.

Below is the list of the changes in SAMSON SDK per library and per class.


Added the possibility to expose SBColor and SBColorPalette types in the inspector using SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_ONLY and SB_ATTRIBUTE_READ_WRITE.

Facade library group


New functions:

Functions with updated signatures: SAMSON::displayTexturedTriangles, SAMSON::displayTexturedTrianglesSelection, SAMSON::displayTriangles, SAMSON::displayTrianglesSelection. Now this functions input also includes a scale, a SBSpatialTransform, and other additional parameters.

DataModel library group

SBDDataGraph library

A major change: for generalization, the node's name attribute has been moved to SBNode from its child classes that had this attribute. This change affects many child classes across the SDK, e.g.: SBNodeGroup, SBDController, SBCamera, SBFolder, SBLabel, SBMModel, SBSSimulator, SBStructuralGroup, SBPath, etc.


New functions:

A new node type: SBNode::Mesh.

SBDQuantity library

New functionality: fromLinearInterpolation.

SBDType library


New functions: SBDTypeColorConversion::toHSV (SBDTypeColorConversion::HSVfromSRGB), SBDTypeColorConversion::fromHSV (SBDTypeColorConversion::SRGBfromHSV).


New functionality: SBDTypeConstant::getDegreesFromRadians.


Now the SBDTypeSpatialTransform::computeOpenGLMatrix function is available for single-precision floating-point numbers for faster rendering.

SBDColor library

New color palettes in SBDColorPaletteDefaultPalette.

A new function in SBDColorSchemePer* classes: getDefaultColorPalette.

Modeling library group

Structural Model library


New functionality:


New functionality:


New functionality: SBAtom::isDonorborneHydrogen


New functionality: SBStructuralParticle::setPositionOnTetrahedron

Visual Model library

New classes:

Note that this functionality is in the beta stage and might have issues on some systems.

New event types in SBMVisualModelEvent : SBMVisualModelEvent::ScaleChanged, SBMVisualModelEvent::TransformChanged, SBMVisualModelEvent::OpacityChanged, SBMVisualModelEvent::DiffuseColorSaturationChanged.

Changelog for v.0.11.0

This release includes some bugfixes (serialization of color palettes and color schemes, etc) and other improvements.

Now, it's possible to have multiple importers for the same format.

Facade library group


New functionality:

Changelog for v.0.10.0

This release includes some bugfixes that do not change the API.

Below is the list of the changes in SAMSON SDK per library and per class.

Facade library group


New functionality:

Changelog for v.0.9.0 and older

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