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SBCContainerVersionNumber Class Reference

This class describes a version number. More...

Constructors and destructors

 SBCContainerVersionNumber () noexcept
 Constructs the 0.0.0 version number.
 SBCContainerVersionNumber (const std::string &versionNumberString)
 Constructs a version number from a versionNumberString.
 SBCContainerVersionNumber (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber)
 Constructs a version number from a versionNumber.
 SBCContainerVersionNumber (unsigned int majorVersionNumber, unsigned int minorVersionNumber, unsigned int patchVersionNumber) noexcept
 Constructs a version number majorVersionNumber.minorVersionNumber.patchVersionNumber.
virtual ~SBCContainerVersionNumber ()
 Destructs the version number.


unsigned int getMajorVersionNumber () const noexcept
 Returns the major version number.
unsigned int getMinorVersionNumber () const noexcept
 Returns the minor version number.
unsigned int getPatchVersionNumber () const noexcept
 Returns the patch version number.
void setMajorVersionNumber (unsigned int majorVersionNumber)
 Sets the major version number.
void setMinorVersionNumber (unsigned int minorVersionNumber)
 Sets the minor version number.
void setPatchVersionNumber (unsigned int patchVersionNumber)
 Sets the patch version number.


SBCContainerVersionNumberoperator= (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber)
 Assignment operator.
bool operator== (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Non-equality operator.
bool operator< (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Comparison with another version.
bool operator<= (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Comparison with another version.
bool operator> (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Comparison with another version.
bool operator>= (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &versionNumber) const
 Comparison with another version.
std::string operator() () const
 Returns the version number as a string



bool isValid () const
 Returns true if and only if the version number is valid.
static bool getCompatibilityStatus (const SBCContainerVersionNumber &sdkVersionNumber, const SBCContainerVersionNumber &coreVersionNumber)
 Returns whether a sdkVersionNumber is compatible with a coreVersionNumber.

Detailed Description

This class describes a version number in SAMSON, composed of three non-negative integers:

  • a major version number
  • a minor version number
  • a patch version number

Because SAMSON Extensions depend on the version of the SDK with which they are developed, SAMSON has a strict versioning policy. Please refer to the chapter about versioning for more information.

Short name: SBVersionNumber