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SBDDataGraphNodeMaterial Class Reference

This class describes a material. More...

Constructors and destructors

 SBDDataGraphNodeMaterial ()
 Constructs a material.
virtual ~SBDDataGraphNodeMaterial ()
 Destructs the material.


virtual bool isSerializable () const
 Returns true.
virtual void serialize (SBCSerializer *serializer, const SBNodeIndexer &nodeIndexer, const SBVersionNumber &sdkVersionNumber=SB_SDK_VERSION_NUMBER, const SBVersionNumber &classVersionNumber=SBVersionNumber(1, 0, 0)) const
 Serializes the document.
virtual void unserialize (SBCSerializer *serializer, const SBNodeIndexer &nodeIndexer, const SBVersionNumber &sdkVersionNumber=SB_SDK_VERSION_NUMBER, const SBVersionNumber &classVersionNumber=SBVersionNumber(1, 0, 0))
 Unserializes the document.


SBDDataGraphNodegetNode () const
 Returns the node that owns the material.

Metallic attributes

float getMetallicCoefficient () const
 Returns the metallic coefficient.
void setMetallicCoefficient (float metallicCoefficient)
 Sets the metallic coefficient.

Roughness attributes

float getRoughnessCoefficient () const
 Returns the roughness coefficient.
void setRoughnessCoefficient (float roughnessCoefficient)
 Sets the roughness coefficient.

Specular attributes

float getSpecularCoefficient () const
 Returns the specular coefficient.
void setSpecularCoefficient (float specular)
 Sets the specular coefficient.
float getSpecularTint () const
 Returns the specular tint.
void setSpecularTint (float specularTint)
 Sets the specular tint.

Clearcoat attributes

float getClearcoatCoefficient () const
 Returns the clearcoat coefficient.
void setClearcoatCoefficient (float clearcoatCoefficient)
 Sets the clearcoat coefficient.
float getClearcoatRoughness () const
 Returns the clearcoat roughness.
void setClearcoatRoughness (float clearcoatRoughness)
 Sets the clearcoat roughness.

Transmission attributes

float getTransmissionCoefficient () const
 Returns the transmission coefficient.
void setTransmissionCoefficient (float transmissionCoefficient)
 Sets the transmission coefficient.
float getTransmissionIOR () const
 Returns the transmission index of refraction.
void setTransmissionIOR (float ior)
 Sets the transmission index of refraction.
float getTransmissionRoughness () const
 Returns the transmission roughness.
void setTransmissionRoughness (float transmissionRoughness)
 Sets the transmission roughness.

Emission attributes

SBColor const & getEmissionColor () const
 Returns the emission color.
void setEmissionColor (const SBColor &emissionColor)
 Sets the emission color.
float getEmissionStrength () const
 Returns the emission strength.
void setEmissionStrength (float emissionStrength)
 Sets the emission strength.

Subsurface attributes

float getSubsurfaceCoefficient () const
 Returns the subsurface coefficient.
void setSubsurfaceCoefficient (float subsurfaceCoefficient)
 Sets the subsurface coefficient.
SBVector3 const & getSubsurfaceRadius () const
 Returns the subsurface radius.
void setSubsurfaceRadius (const SBVector3 &subsurfaceRadius)
 Sets the subsurface radius.
SBColor const & getSubsurfaceColor () const
 Returns the subsurface color.
void setSubsurfaceColor (const SBColor &subsurfaceColor)
 Sets the subsurface color.
float getSubsurfaceIOR () const
 Returns the subsurface index of refraction.
void setSubsurfaceIOR (float subsurfaceIOR)
 Sets the subsurface index of refraction.
float getSubsurfaceAnisotropy () const
 Returns the subsurface anisotropy.
void setSubsurfaceAnisotropy (float subsurfaceAnisotropy)
 Sets the subsurface anisotropy.

Transparency attributes

float getTransparency () const
 Returns the transparency.
void setTransparency (float transparency)
 Sets the transparency.

Sheen attributes

float getSheenCoefficient () const
 Returns the sheen coefficient.
void setSheenCoefficient (float sheenCoefficient)
 Sets the sheen coefficient.
float getSheenTint () const
 Returns the sheen tint.
void setSheenTint (float sheenTint)
 Sets the sheen tint.

Anisotropic attributes

float getAnisotropicCoefficient () const
 Returns the anisotropic coefficient.
void setAnisotropicCoefficient (float anisotropicCoefficient)
 Sets the anisotropic coefficient.
float getAnisotropicRotation () const
 Returns the anisotropic rotation.
void setAnisotropicRotation (float anisotropicRotation)
 Sets the anisotropic rotation.

Color scheme

SBDDataGraphNodeColorSchemegetColorScheme () const
 Returns the color scheme.
bool setColorScheme (SBDDataGraphNodeColorScheme *colorScheme)
 Sets the color scheme. The material takes ownership of the color scheme.
 SB_DECLARE_DATA (SBDDataGraphNodeMaterial)
 SBDDataGraphNodeMaterial (SBDDataGraphNodeMaterialData *dataPointer)
 Constructs a color (1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f)

Additional Inherited Members

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unsigned int getMemoryFootprint () const
void printReferencesToOwners () const
 SBCReferenceTarget ()
virtual ~SBCReferenceTarget ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SBCReferenceTarget
void removeAllReferenceOwners ()
 SBCReferenceTarget (SBCReferenceTargetData *dataPointer)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SBCReferenceTarget
SBCReferenceTargetData * dataPointer

Detailed Description

This class describes a material in SAMSON. Please refer to this page for more information.

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