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Cite your research

If you want to:

you can do that both in your SAMSON Extension and in the description of your SAMSON Extension on SAMSON-Connect.

Cite in a SAMSON Extension

Note: Citation in a SAMSON Extension can be visible to users only if the SAMSON Extension has some GUI.

First, add the SBGWindow::Citable tag in the SBGWindowWidget::getFormat function of your GUI (for example, the GUI of an app, or the property window of an interaction model):

int SEEMyModelProperties::getFormat() const {
// SAMSON Extension generator pro tip: modify these default settings to configure the window
// SBGWindow::Savable : let users save and load interface settings (implement loadSettings and saveSettings)
// SBGWindow::Lockable : let users lock the window on top
// SBGWindow::Resizable : let users resize the window
// SBGWindow::Citable : let users obtain citation information (implement getCitation)
@ Savable
Savable window.
Definition: SBGWindow.hpp:39
@ Citable
Citable window.
Definition: SBGWindow.hpp:36
@ Lockable
Lockable window.
Definition: SBGWindow.hpp:37

This adds a question mark to the window buttons:

Citation button

Then, overload the SBGWindowWidget::getCitation function:

QString SEEMyModelProperties::getCitation() const {
"If you use this interaction model in your work, please cite:<br/>"
"[1] S. Artemova, L. Jaillet and S. Redon.<br/>"
" Automatic molecular structure perception for the universal force field.<br/>"
" J. Comput. Chem. 2016, 37, 1191-1205. DOI: 10.1002/jcc.24309.<br/>"
"[2] <a href=\"https://www.samson-connect.net\">https://www.samson-connect.net</a><br/>"

Note that you may use the HTML subset supported by Qt, in particular to add links.

When clicking on the question mark button, this creates a modal popup which lets the user copy the string returned by the getCitation function to the clipboard:

Citations example

Cite on SAMSON Connect

First you need to upload your SAMSON Extension on SAMSON Connect. Please, refer to the tutorial on Publishing a SAMSON Extension.

SAMSON Connect provides you the possibility to add links, images in the description of your SAMSON Extension thanks to support of the powerful and easy-to-use Markdown markup language (SAMSON Connect uses CommonMark specification of Markdown). Learn more about how to use Markdown.

Citations and documentation in the description of a SAMSON Extension on SAMSON Connect