SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton Class Reference

This class is the base class of reference owners to a single class.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void detachReferenceTarget ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SBCReferenceOwner
 SBCReferenceOwner ()
 Constructs a reference owner.
virtual ~SBCReferenceOwner ()
 Destructs the reference owner.

Protected Attributes

SBCReferenceToTarget referenceToTarget

Constructors and destructors

 SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton ()
 SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton (SBCReferenceTarget *referenceTarget)
 SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton (const SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton &p)
virtual ~SBCReferenceOwnerSingleton ()

Reference target

bool isValid () const
 Returns true if and only if the reference target is non null.
void setReferenceTarget (SBCReferenceTarget *referenceTarget)
 Sets the reference target.
SBCReferenceTargetgetReferenceTarget () const
 Returns the reference target.
virtual void deleteReferenceTarget ()
 Deletes the reference target.


virtual void print () const
unsigned int getMemoryFootprint () const