SBCSerializer Class Reference

This class is the base class for serializers.

Constructors and destructors

 SBCSerializer ()
virtual ~SBCSerializer ()

Writing elements

virtual void writeStartElement (const std::string &elementName)
virtual void writeEndElement ()
virtual void writeStringElement (const std::string &elementName, const std::string &element)
virtual void writeBoolElement (const std::string &elementName, bool element)
virtual void writeCharElement (const std::string &elementName, char element)
virtual void writeUnsignedCharElement (const std::string &elementName, unsigned char element)
virtual void writeShortElement (const std::string &elementName, short element)
virtual void writeUnsignedShortElement (const std::string &elementName, unsigned short element)
virtual void writeIntElement (const std::string &elementName, int element)
virtual void writeUnsignedIntElement (const std::string &elementName, unsigned int element)
virtual void writeLongElement (const std::string &elementName, long element)
virtual void writeUnsignedLongElement (const std::string &elementName, unsigned long element)
virtual void writeLongLongElement (const std::string &elementName, long long element)
virtual void writeUnsignedLongLongElement (const std::string &elementName, unsigned long long element)
virtual void writeFloatElement (const std::string &elementName, float element)
virtual void writeDoubleElement (const std::string &elementName, double element)
virtual void writeCharArrayElement (const std::string &elementName, const char *elementArray, unsigned int arraySize)

Reading elements

virtual void readStartElement ()
virtual void readEndElement ()
virtual std::string readStringElement ()
virtual bool readBoolElement ()
virtual char readCharElement ()
virtual unsigned char readUnsignedCharElement ()
virtual short readShortElement ()
virtual unsigned short readUnsignedShortElement ()
virtual int readIntElement ()
virtual unsigned int readUnsignedIntElement ()
virtual long readLongElement ()
virtual unsigned long readUnsignedLongElement ()
virtual long long readLongLongElement ()
virtual unsigned long long readUnsignedLongLongElement ()
virtual float readFloatElement ()
virtual double readDoubleElement ()
virtual char * readCharArrayElement (unsigned int &arraySize)