SBDDataGraphNode::IsType Class Reference

This node predicate compares the node type with a given type. More...

Public Member Functions

 IsType (SBDDataGraphNode::Type argument0)
IsTypeclone () const
bool operator() (SBDDataGraphNode const *node)
bool operator() (SBDDataGraphNode const *node) const

Detailed Description

This node predicate returns true when the node type is equal to the type passed to the constructor of the predicate:

// collect all atoms
SBNodeIndexer nodeIndexer;
See also
Node predicates
This class describes a node indexer.
Definition: SBDDataGraphNodeIndexer.hpp:21
static SBDDocument * getActiveDocument()
Returns a pointer to SAMSON's active document.
Definition: SAMSON.cpp:727
@ Atom
Definition: SBDDataGraphNode.hpp:70
virtual void getNodes(SBNodeIndexer &nodeIndexer, SBNode::Type nodeType, bool selectedNodesOnly=false, const SBNodePredicate &visitPredicate=SBDDataGraphNode::All(), bool includeDependencies=false) const
Collects nodes into nodeIndexer, based on a nodeType, a selection status and a visitPredicate,...
Definition: SBDDocumentFolder.cpp:741