SBDQuantityDivision< Quantity1, Quantity2 > Class Template Reference

This template class is used to compute the division of two quantity types. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename Quantity1, typename Quantity2>
class SBDQuantityDivision< Quantity1, Quantity2 >

Template Parameters
Quantity1The first quantity type
Quantity2The second quantity type

This template is used to define the division of two quantity types.

// declare a variable in grams per mole
SBQuantityDivision<SBQuantity::gram,SBQuantity::mole>::Type d;

The typedef Type is the quantity type of the division of the two quantity types Quantity1 and Quantity2.

Please refer to the description of SAMSON's unit system for more information.

Short name: SBQuantityDivision

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