SBGDataGraphNode Class Reference

This class is the base class of all data graph nodes' GUIs.

Constructor and destructor

 SBGDataGraphNode ()
virtual ~SBGDataGraphNode ()


virtual bool isSelectionDependent () const
 Returns true when the node's context menu actions depend on the current selection.
virtual void getContextMenuActions (SBVector< SBAction * > &actionVector)
 Returns the node's context menu actions.


virtual void enterEvent (SBNode *node, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles enter event.
virtual void leaveEvent (SBNode *node, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles leave event.
virtual void mousePressEvent (SBNode *node, QMouseEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &pickedPosition)
 Handles mouse press event.
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (SBNode *node, QMouseEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &pickedPosition)
 Handles mouse release event.
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (SBNode *node, QMouseEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &pickedPosition)
 Handles mouse double click event.
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (SBNode *node, QMouseEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles mouse move event.
virtual void wheelEvent (SBNode *node, QWheelEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles wheel event.
virtual void keyPressEvent (SBNode *node, QKeyEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles key press event.
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (SBNode *node, QKeyEvent *event, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles key release event.
virtual void handlePressEvent (SBNode *node, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles a press event.
virtual void handleReleaseEvent (SBNode *node, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles a release event.
virtual void handleMoveEvent (SBNode *node, const SBPosition3 &position)
 Handles a move event.