SBGWindowWidget Class Reference

This class describes a widget. More...


void shown (bool)
 Emitted when the widget is shown or hidden.

Constructor and destructor

virtual ~SBGWindowWidget ()


virtual SBUUID getUUID () const
 Returns the widget UUID.
virtual QString getName () const
 Returns the widget name (used as a title for the embedding window)
virtual QPixmap getLogo () const
 Returns the pixmap logo.
virtual int getFormat () const
 Returns the format.
virtual QString getCitation () const
 Returns the citation information.

Embedding window

SBGWindowgetWindow () const
 Returns the pointer to the embedding SAMSON window.


virtual void loadSettings (SBGSettings *settings)
 Loads settings.
virtual void saveSettings (SBGSettings *settings)
 Saves settings.
void loadDefaultSettings ()
 Loads default settings.
void saveDefaultSettings ()
 Saves default settings.
void setLockedFlag (bool lockedFlag)
 Sets whether the widget is locked (on top)
bool getLockedFlag () const
 Returns whether the widget is locked (on top)


bool getHighlightingFlag () const
 Returns the highlighting flag.
void setHighlightingFlag (bool highlightingFlag)
 Sets the highlighting flag.

Constructors and destructors

 SBGWindowWidget ()
 SBGWindowWidget (SBGWindowWidgetData *dataPointer)
 Builds a particle at position p.

Detailed Description

This class describes a widget that can be embedded into a window, to display it in SAMSON's GUI and ensure that it has the appropriate SAMSON style. SBGWindowWidget derives from QWidget. Many SAMSON GUI classes derive from SBGWindowWidget, and SAMSON Elements implement GUIs by deriving directly or indirectly from it. For example, SAMSON Elements implements GUIs of apps by deriving from the SBGApp class, which derives from SBGWindowWidget.