SBMPropertyModelEvent Class Reference

This class describes a property event.

Event types

enum  Type { PropertyModelChanged }
 The type of the property model event. More...

Constructors and destructors

 SBMPropertyModelEvent (SBMPropertyModel *sender, Type type)
virtual ~SBMPropertyModelEvent ()


virtual Category getCategory () const
Type getType () const
SBMPropertyModelgetSender () const
void setEventBoundaries (const SBIAPosition3 &volume)
SBIAPosition3 getEventBoundaries ()
static std::string getTypeString (Type type)


virtual void print (unsigned int offset=0) const
 Prints debugging information.

Identity attributes

Type eventType
 The event type.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SBDDataGraphEvent
enum  Category {
 The category of the data graph event. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SBDDataGraphEvent
 SBDDataGraphEvent (SBDDataGraphNode *sender)
virtual ~SBDDataGraphEvent ()
SBDDataGraphNodegetSender () const
 This function returns the sender of an event.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SBDDataGraphEvent
static std::string getCategoryString (Category category)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SBDDataGraphEvent
 SBDDataGraphEvent (SBDDataGraphEventData *dataPointer)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SBDDataGraphEvent
SBDDataGraphEventData * dataPointer

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type


A property model was changed.