Exporters are classes dedicated to exporting content from the data graph to files. Precisely, they implement an exportToFile function that may be called by SAMSON or other SAMSON Elements to export to files. An exporter may be a PDB exporter, an XYZ exporter, etc. Whenever a new exporter is loaded at startup, SAMSON adds it to the list of available exporters. Exporters are used in particular when exporting to a file from the File menu.

An exporter should specify an extension of a file to which it exports by overloading the SBIFileExporter::getExtension function and a filter by overloading the SBIFileExporter::getFilter function.

An exporter is used when:

given that the file has an extension specific to this exporter.

If you want to start developing an exporter, please, refer to the documentation about the SAMSON Element generator and Tutorials for more information about writing new exporters for SAMSON.