The SAMSON Developer Guide

Table of Contents

Welcome and thank you for your interest in SAMSON!

In this developer guide for SAMSON, the software platform for computational nanoscience, you will learn how to develop SAMSON Elements, i.e. modules for SAMSON.

The first part of this guide provides a brief overview about SAMSON, SAMSON Elements and key concepts.

The second part of the guide gets you started, by showing you how to install the SAMSON SDK, use the SAMSON Element generator to rapidly develop new SAMSON Elements, and contains a number of tutorials on a variety of topics (e.g. writing Apps, editors, interaction models, dealing with signals and slots, etc).

The third part of the guide gathers a number of self-contained introductions on fundamental topics (e.g. introspection in SAMSON, undo and redo, etc.).

Finally, the fourth part of this guide is the complete reference of all classes contained in the SAMSON SDK.

Source code examples may be found on GitHub.

This developer guide is available as a PDF document.


Getting Started