What’s new in SAMSON 2023 R1

SAMSON 2023 R1 is a major release that brings a ton of new features and improvements throughout SAMSON and various SAMSON extensions. In fact, this release has so many new features that, for the first time, we are splitting release notes into multiple parts:

Part I – ✨ SAMSON AI: Imagine an intelligent assistant that doesn’t just answer your questions but executes commands for you, all within the SAMSON platform. From quick selections to generating Python scripts, SAMSON AI is your new go-to modeling companion.

Part II – 🌟 Molecular Cycles: Unveil the artist in you! With the integration of the Cycles Renderer from Blender, create stunning, studio-quality images and animations. Control materials, lights, and more for unparalleled visuals.

Part III – 🐍 Integrated Python Dev Environment: SAMSON Documents just went from static to dynamic! Now embed Python scripts, research papers, machine learning apps, and so much more. Share your documents, and let your colleagues or students run your apps with a single click!

Part IV – 💡 Interface redesign, and so much more: SAMSON 2023 R1 features a major redesign of the interface to offer a more streamlined experience, with numerous quality-of-life improvements.

Part V – ✅ New Pricing Structure: To reflect the major changes introduced in this SAMSON release, we have updated and simplified our pricing structure, and it gives you even more insane value than before!


This is an overview, and SAMSON 2023 R1 also provides a variety of new features and fixes of reported issues. SAMSON 2023 R1 also incorporates updates in default extensions released after the previous release.

If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to reach out via the Forum, via e-mail, by using the Feedback button in SAMSON, or by directly discussing with us.

If you already have SAMSON, just restart it and you will be offered to update: follow the steps and your installation will be upgraded to SAMSON 2023 R1.

If not, create your free account and download SAMSON! You’ll be all set and ready to go within a few minutes.

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