Making operations undoable#

SAMSON provides the possibility to Undo and Redo a number of the operations. Most functions of the SAMSON SDK that act on the data graph’s state are undoable. But just performing such operations does not make them undoable for the user, i.e. it won’t appear in the History. This is done in this way to not keep history when it is not needed, e.g. when doing operations on nodes that are not part of any document’s data graph.

To perform operations in an undoable way, it is necessary to wrap an undoable code using the next commands:

In this way, this operation appears in the History and you or the user can undo it.


Wrapping operations that are not undoable by their implementation cannot make them undoable.


Most of the commands executed via SAMSON.runCommand() are undoable via the internal use of SAMSON.beginHolding() and SAMSON.endHolding(). But for some you might need wrap them into SAMSON.beginHolding() and SAMSON.endHolding(). See the Making operations undoable section for more information.

See also

User Guide: History: Undo and redo

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Selecting residues#
# begin holding - turn the Undo system on
SAMSON.beginHolding('Select residues')

# get a node indexer of all residues in the active document
residueIndexer = SAMSON.getNodes('node.type residue')
for residue in residueIndexer:
    # set selectionFlag to True for residues in the indexer
    residue.selectionFlag = True

# end holding - turn the Undo system off
Renaming the active camera#
# get the active camera
camera = SAMSON.getActiveCamera()

# begin holding - turn the Undo system on
SAMSON.beginHolding('Change camera name')

# change the camera name = "New camera name"

# end holding - turn the Undo system off

When creating nodes not for some temporary use but in documents, it is necessary to make their creation undoable as well.

Make node creation undoable#
# create an instance of a structural model
structuralModel = SBStructuralModel()

# make the operation undoable
SAMSON.beginHolding("Add node")

# hold the node to make it creation undoable
# create the node

# add the visual model to the active document

# stop holding the undoable operation


When creating a hierarchy of nodes, e.g. a whole structural model, it is not necessary to call SAMSON.hold() for each node - you can call it only for the root node, e.g. for the structural model, which will automatically make the creation of its children undoable as well.