Changelog for v.5.0.x#


This version introduces major breaking changes mostly due to change in class names and the hierarchy of sub-modules.

All the classes were renamed by adding the SB (stands for SAMSON Base) prefix for them to correspond to their corresponding class names in SAMSON SDK and for them to be distinctive such that there will be conflicts with the same named classes (e.g., Molecule) from other packages, so now Molecule is SBMolecule. Several classes were renamed to fully correspond to their class names in SAMSON SDK.

Previously classes were placed in sub-modules corresponding to their heirarchy in SAMSON SDK which might have been making their import a bit cumbersome. Now, we moved all the classes, except for the SBQuantity sub-module, directly in the samson module. So, they are all readily available on the following import which is done on initialization of Python Scripting:

from samson import *

The SBQuantity sub-module was left as a submodule since it has a lot of special constructors for each unit.

Other changes include new exposed classes and functions and changes in existing classes and functions corresponding to the changes in SAMSON SDK 5.0.0 (see Changelog for SAMSON SDK 5.0.0).