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SAMSON SDK: SBSNeighborSearchParticleSystem

class samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem#

Bases: SBNeighborSearch

This class is the base class of neighbor search algorithms that can be applied to particle systems.

areNeighbors(*args, **kwargs)#

Overloaded function.

  1. areNeighbors(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem, i: int, j: int) -> bool

Returns whether particles with indices i and j are neighbors

  1. areNeighbors(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem, atomI: samson.SBAtom, atomJ: samson.SBAtom) -> bool

Returns whether atoms atomI and atomJ are neighbors

getNeighborVector(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem, i: int) list[samson.SBAtom]#

Returns indexer of all atoms which are neighbors for i-th particle

getNeighbors(*args, **kwargs)#

Overloaded function.

  1. getNeighbors(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem, position: samson.SBPhysicalVector3, radius: samson.SBQuantity.unitsSI) -> list[samson.SBAtom]

Returns vector of all atoms that are at a distance smaller than or equal to radius from the specified position

  1. getNeighbors(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem, box: samson.SBPhysicalIAVector3) -> list[samson.SBAtom]

Returns vector of all atoms inside the box

initializeNeighborLists(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem) None#

Initializes the neighbor list

updateNeighborLists(self: samson.SBNeighborSearchParticleSystem) None#

Updates the neighbor list