This class is a base class for diverging HCL (Hue-Chroma-Luminance) color palettes.

A diverging palette is constructed in a 3D color coordinate space with coordinates named hue, chroma, and luminance.

The diverging palette can be represented as two sequential palettes: one to the left (left arm) and another one to the right (right arm) from the diverging point (neutral point, neutralPoint).

The value for hue is constant for both arms:

  • hue1 for the left arm (the intensity value less or equal than neutralPoint);

  • hue2 for the right arm (the intensity value greater than neutralPoint).

In each arm, the chroma value changes from chroma1 to 0.0 through maximumChroma (if present and if maximumChroma > chroma1) in the same way as in the sequential palette (samson.SBPaletteSequentialHCL).

In each arm, the luminance value changes from luminance1 to luminance2 as in the sequential palette (samson.SBPaletteSequentialHCL).

Example of a diverging HCL palette#
# Diverging: Blue-Red
palette = SBPaletteDivergingHCL(
  hue1 = 260, hue2 = 0,
  chroma1 = 80, maximumChroma = 80,
  luminance1 = 30, luminance2 = 90,
  chromaPower = 1.0,
  luminancePower = 1.5,
  neutralPoint = 0.5,
  name = "Diverging: Blue-Red")
class samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL(*args, **kwargs)#

Bases: SBPaletteDiverging

This class is a base class for the diverging HCL (Hue-Chroma-Luminance) color palette.

Overloaded function.

  1. __init__(self: samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL) -> None

Default constructor

  1. __init__(self: samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL, hue1: int, hue2: int, chroma1: int = 50, maximumChroma: int = 50, luminance1: int = 70, luminance2: int = 70, chromaPower: float = 1.0, luminancePower: float = 1.0, neutralPoint: float = 0.5, name: str = ‘’) -> None

Constructs a diverging HCL color palette with the given parameters.

  • hue1 (int) – The left-side hue

  • hue2 (int) – The right-side hue

  • chroma1 (int, default=50) – The chroma value

  • maximumChroma (int, default=50) – The maximum chroma

  • luminance1 (int, default=70) – The left-side luminance

  • luminance2 (int, default=70) – The right-side luminance

  • chromaPower (float, default=1.0) – The chroma power

  • luminancePower (float, default=1.0) – The luminance power

  • neutralPoint (float, default=0.5) – The neutral point

  • name (str, default='') – A palette name

  1. __init__(self: samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL, otherColorPalette: samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL) -> None

Constructs a diverging color palette based on the given diverging HCL color palette.


otherColorPalette (samson.SBPaletteDivergingHCL) – Another diverging HCL color palette