This class describes a node selector.

See also

SAMSON SDK: SBDDataGraphNodeSelector

class samson.SBNodeSelector(self: samson.SBNodeSelector)#

Bases: pybind11_object

This class describes a selector.

Constructs a selector

getNodes(self: samson.SBNodeSelector, nodeIndexer: samson.SBNodeIndexer) samson.SBNodeIndexer#

Selects nodes from nodeIndexer and returns a node indexer with the result.


nodeIndexer (samson.SBNodeIndexer) – The input node indexer.


The output node indexer with the results.

Return type:


property NSLExpression#

Returns an NSL expression equivalent to the selector, if such expression exists, else returns an empty string

property isSerializable#

Returns True when the class is serializable

property name#

Returns the selector’s name