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Conceal atoms#

The Conceal atoms animation make atoms (and bonds between them) disappear progressively between two frames. This is done via the visibility of nodes and not via their transparency.

See also animations: Reveal atoms, Appear, Disappear, Flash, Pulse, Show, Shown, Hide, Hidden

Adding the animation#

First, choose atoms and bonds that you want to progressively disappear.

Then, double-click on the Conceal atoms animation effect in the Animation panel of the Animator.

This animation has 4 keyframes:

  • between keyframes 1 and 2 all the specified atoms (and bonds between them) will be shown
  • between keyframes 2 and 3 the specified atoms (and bonds between them) will progressively disappear by hiding some atoms (and bonds between hidden atoms) depending on their order in the selection
  • between keyframes 3 and 4 all the specified atoms (and bonds between them) will be hidden

Move the keyframes of the animation as needed.


You can always move the keyframes of the animation.


You can change how the parameters are interpolated between the frames by modifying the Easing curve.


Some examples of presentations available on SAMSON Connect - Documents that use this animation: