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The Undock animation undocks groups of atoms or meshes from their current positions which are considered as docked positions. The final positions are automatically computed away from the docked positions.

See also animations: Dock, Hold atoms, Move atoms

Adding the animation#

To apply the dock animation, select at least two structural nodes or meshes in the document. The first node will act as the static receptor, and the other nodes will be animated. If multiple nodes should act as the receptor, create a folder, move these receptor nodes to the folder, and select the folder as the first node. If nothing is selected, then SAMSON will try to guess to what nodes the animation should be applied.

Then, double-click on the Undock animation effect in the Animation panel of the Animator.

The selected nodes will be undocked between the two keyframes. Move the keyframes of the animation as needed.

The amplitude of the movement is computed automatically on the creation of the animation, to change it, inspect the animation.


You can always move the keyframes of the animation.


In the movie we use the Animation menu which is no longer present in SAMSON. You can access all animations via the Animation panel in the Animator (1) and all presentation actions via the Animator's controls.

  1. Interface > Animator, , : Ctrl+7, : Cmd+7


You can change the amplitude of the animation movement in the Inspector.

You can change how the parameters are interpolated between the frames by modifying the Easing curve.


Some examples of presentations available on SAMSON Connect - Documents that use the Dock animation: