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Hold camera#

The Hold camera animation holds the camera parameters fixed between two frames. Use this animation if you don't use other camera animations at some frames and you would like to have a certain view of the system, this is might be needed since the view can be changed while working with the document and the Hold camera animation allows you to have a defined static view of the system.

See also: Move camera animation.

Adding the animation#

First, choose the start frame in the Animator's Track view and orient the view/camera as you would like it to be positioned.

Then, double-click on the Hold camera animation effect in the Animation panel of the Animator.

Set the end frame of the animation as needed.


You can always move the start and end frames of the animation.


In the movie we use the Animation menu which is no longer present in SAMSON. You can access all animations via the Animation panel in the Animator (1) and all presentation actions via the Animator's controls.

  1. Interface > Animator, , : Ctrl+7, : Cmd+7