History: Undo and redo

SAMSON provides the possibility to Undo and Redo most of the operations.

Each document in SAMSON has its own history - a list of undoable actions done with the document.

You can open the History view using Interface > History or via the Ctrl+3 shortcut on Windows and Linux or Cmd+3 on Mac.

The history view

You can go through the history - through the states of the document - by clicking on actions in the History view or by clicking in the Edit menu on:

  • Undo (, : Ctrl+Z, : Cmd+Z),
  • Redo (, : Ctrl+Y, : Cmd+Y).


Not all the operations are undoable, if in between of undoable operations you did operations which are not undoable it might not be possible for SAMSON to properly undo operations, which may result in a loss of data.

Going through the history