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Move atoms#

The Move atoms animation makes atoms move freely. The animation will interpolate between the positions of the atoms to which the animation was applied.

See also animations: Hold atoms

Adding the animation#

First, position atoms and select them.

Then, double-click on the Move atoms animation effect in the Animation panel of the Animator. This will add the starting keyframe. Then add another keyframe in the animation track and positions atoms as needed.


The Move atoms animation has controllers that allow you to move a system in the same style as using the Move editors. You can also set the snapping for translations and rotations in the Animator if necessary.


In the movie we use the Animation menu which is no longer present in SAMSON. You can access all animations via the Animation panel in the Animator (1) and all presentation actions via the Animator's controls.

  1. Interface > Animator, , : Ctrl+7, : Cmd+7

Adding a new keyframe#

To add a new keyframe, click in the animation track at the frame at which the atoms should have the desired positions and move the atoms where you would like them to be.


You can always move the keyframes of the animation.

If you would like to use other editors than the Move atoms animation controllers then hide the Move atoms animation controllers by unchecking them in the Document view, then choose the editor you would like to use, e.g. one of the Move editors or the Twister editor, apply transformations to the system, and add a new keyframe in the animation track. Once the transformations are done switch back to the Select editor.

Removing a keyframe#

To remove a keyframe, right-click on it in the Animator's Track view and click "Remove keyframe".


You can change how the parameters are interpolated between the frames by modifying the Easing curve and switching on/off the smoothing effect.


Some examples of presentations available on SAMSON Connect - Documents that use this animation: